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  •  July 2008, Nanjing CHICO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded;
  •  2010, CHICO set up a R&D center in Maqun technology park in Nanjing and started to develop our own products;
  •  June 2013, CHICO moved into New drug center in Jiangsu life science and technology innovation park;
  •  Oct 2014, CHICO was recognized as ”National High-tech enterprise";
  •  In 2016,CHICO project-targeted anti-tumor drugs of Ceritinib awarded the local district fund.
  •  Oct 2016,CHICO established Anqing CHICO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd at Anqing High-tech Zone, and started to invest CHICO’s GMP factory;
  •  2017,CHICO’s project- "Research Progress of Small-molecule Targeted Anti-tumor Drugs" was supported by National Key Research and Development Plan;

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