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EHS Management

EHS department: an Independent organization responsible for the EHS work
EHS policy: Promoting positive attitudes and actions,creating a healthy and safe working environment,and working for zero disaster risk.
EHS handbook: Including local policies®ulations,training, goal setting,and performance evaluation, etc.

Environment Protection

Working hard to improve production efficiency and reduce consumption of natural resources and minimize impact on the environment.
Gas waste,liquid waste,and solid waste are handled in accordance with federal state and local environmental control regulations.

Health Safety

Health examination is taken once a year for employees
Labor protection,emergency kits and safe&clean working environment are supplied.
Pre-job training for new employees
Assessments carried out on all hazardous materials and procedures


All the manufacture process have passed safety evaluation.
Workers must master the MSDS of raw materials and products.
Identify safe behavior, leadership and staff work together to ensure that this conduct supervision and evaluation, shaping a positive rather than punitive safety culture.
Ensure effective contingency plans and resources, control and limit the effects of accidents.
Fire facilities obtained.

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