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 A group of four people from Luoxin Pharm came for the audit.  [2018-05-18]
 On March 16, 2018,Jiangsu ASK pharmaceutical co., ltd. came to our company for on-site audit.  [2018-03-19]
 July25,2017,a group with three people from Qilu Pharm came to audit.  [2017-08-01]
 We will participate in the 17th CPHI CHINA. Our booth No.T2B36.  [2017-06-14]
 We sincerely welcome all companies cooperate with us by co-production or associated declaration in the new raw materials projects.   [2017-06-14]
 Tour to Zhangjiajie.  [2017-06-12]
 Our project is awarded by "Qixia District science and technology enterprises type technology innovation fund"!  [2017-02-24]
 We have signed an investment agreement about an annual output of 100 tons targeted anti-tumor pharmaceutical intermediates project in Anqing High-tech Zone!   [2016-10-21]
 Four-day tour to Xiamen  [2016-09-21]
 Jiangsu Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd came to audit our company.   [2016-09-18]
 Qilu Pharm came to audit our R&D lab.  [2016-08-24]
 On July 29,2016,Lunan Pharm came to audit our company.  [2016-08-01]
 On July 25,Wenture Pharm came to our company for the audit.  [2016-07-26]
 On July 21-23,Korea Pharm-KYONGBO Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd came to our company for a period of three days of a comprehensive audit.  [2016-07-26]
 On July 5th,we participated in “Bio-Med Salon”held by Science &Technology Bureau with the project of Small molecule targeted anti tumor products.  [2016-07-05]
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