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Production base——Anqing CHICO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Invested by Nanjing CHICO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Anqing CHICO covers an area of 23000㎡, with a total investment of USD20 million. There will be six workshops containing four GMP API workshops and more than 90 reaction kettles, reaching a total reaction volume of 5500 m³ .
-----------2000 L cryogenic reaction kettle (temperature to - 100 ℃);
-----------two sets of 2000L high temperature reaction kettles (temperature can reach 260 ℃);
-----------two sets of 2000L high-pressure hydrogenation reactors;
-----------one set of 1000L high pressure hydrogenation reactor pressure up to 10 MPa);
-----------More than 80 general reaction kettles (temperature ranging from-15 ℃ to 140 ℃).
We have a class C warehouse with an area of 2500 ㎡, a class A warehouse with an area of 750 ㎡,and a sewage treatment station----daily processing 300 tons. Meanwhile, we are also equipped with RTO exhaust gas burning equipment and complete EHS system.
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